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Furnished bell tent rentals begin at $495.

Unfurnished bell tent rentals begin at $320.

Additional fees include compensation for distance/fuel outside of the SF Bay Area.

Large discounts are applied for extended period rentals (weekly and monthly). Extended rentals are a great way to save on hotels when family comes to stay for a while, or add a seasonal space to enjoy on your property. Get in touch for extended rental rates.

The majority of our rentals are also available as Grab n' Go. Schedule your pick up from our San Carlos shop and take them with you, wherever you're headed. Grab n' Go tent rentals begin at $300.


Please inquire with your information for a price quote. We look forward to providing you with top notch service and a beautiful setup for your special occasion.

We believe in universal kindness.

If your organization is doing work for the greater good, please get in touch.

We'd love to know how we can assist.

Canvas Occasions

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